An excellent post from an excellent food blogger!

It is not often that one sees articulate, carefully designed and perfectly executed recipes especially recipes which are hard to come by.
I am talking about the ‘Bacon Weave Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes with Bacon Compote’ made by Connie from ‘CHOCOLATE + CONNIE’.
This is an amazing lady that has certainly more patient than an average human! She actually weaved the beacon on these cupcakes!

bacon-weave-cupcakes-2 bacon-weave-cupcakes-5-2 bacon-weave-cupcakes-6 bacon-weave-cupcakes-7 bacon-weave-cupcakes-11 bacon-weave-cupcakes-12 bacon-weave-cupcakes-13


For more information and for viewing the whole post, visit : CHOCOLATE + CONNIE

x Efita

Quinoa my way…


Quinoa has become very popular in recent years. The high protein content and the benefits associated with its’ consumption, have made it a healthy alternative to weekdays meals.

This is a simple but very tasty way of preparing quinoa.


200gr white quinoa, 500ml chicken stock (or vegetable stock), sea salt flakes.


Rinse the quinoa thoroughly under running water and put in a pan together with the stock. Let it come to a boil and simmer for approx. 30 min until all liquids havebeen absorbed. Serve with fish, salad, meat and just sprinkle a few sea salt flakes on top. Voila!


Magazines for Foodies


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Lucky Peach – Fricote – Fool – Gastronomica – Meatpaper – The Runcible Spoon

Forget everything you know about food magazines. These new publications make Epicurious, Gourmet and Saveur look like they belong in the past century. This is the new generation of Food Mags with pictures that might not always be appealing to the eye but they are sure to draw your attention and interest.

The philosophy of the food editors up until a few years ago was to take polished pictures of ingredients and foods that would appear like they are painted rather than depictions of reality. In fact my personal experience in all the photo shootings for books and magazines, is that the food styling and positioning of the foods was more important than the taste. In most cases, foods were undercooked in order to achieve a blond/slightly brunette appearance of crust. So the photo was always perfect but the food nevere tasted as good as it appeared.

In a sense this is a mind game, as in real life, as in relationships. We see something that appears beautiful and we let our minds take us in swirling roads where we imagine that this person is as beautiful on the inside as he/she is on the outside. But this is not always the case. In fact I believe that people who have flaws are much better persons than those who are refined and shinny! This is also what I prefer in foods. I enjoy a crust that is not blond, but rather dark brown and maybe with a few burns here and there. After all, it is the burns that give the taste.

The taste is in the flaws…


Cronut! The New York Madness


The new ‘New York Madness’ is a new product called Cronut. Resembling something between a croissant and a donut. Layers of puff pastry and donut dough cut in a ring shape, filled with cream and finally glazed. Sounds good doesn’t it ?  The ‘little creatures’ are produced daily by Dominique Ansel in his Bakery on 189 Spring St, NY., who invented this hybrid dessert in 2013. Every month he produces one flavour, so for example in May one can taste Rose-Vanilla and in June Lemon-Maple. For the colder months like December it’s a chocolate season, so the flavour is Valrhona Dark Chocolate Rasberry (with a splash of Chambord, a rasberry liquer).

Since production is limited  and by means of marketing secrets (such as allowing each buyer to get a max of 2 pcs each) demand is sky high, the Cronut is a product everybody wishes to try! It has been discussed from food critics, reviewers and bloggers all over the world as the most innovative new taste which everyone would like to get their hands.

A trip to New York always sounds appealing to everyone but if you are foodie, then  visiting  Ansel’s Bakery is another reason to go!

Meet you there… ;))))   ?????

Or… order online :





Ants for Dinner ?

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Did you know ants is the new foies gras? Nordic Food Lab is a laboratory that closely cooperates with the world famous Noma restaurant in a quest to find new edible species! Some of them include termites, ants, honey ants,grasshoppers, insects and more. Through these ‘new’ ingredients, foods are invented and the term ‘gourmet’ takes up a whole new meaning. In reality most people find it difficult to taste insects or ants, but when these ingredients are treated in the hands of very skilled chefs then they become a delight. So for example honey ants might be the new foies gras, because according to Josh Evans, who is a researcher in the lab, they taste amazing. They are filled with a sweet substance (as their name implies) and the way to eat them is by sucking the ‘honey’ right from their belly while they are alive!!!!!!! This perhaps can be described as the ultimate gastronomic experience, but taste is a very subjective thing and I am not sure everyone would agree on that. So for now I am thrilled to read about all the evolutions in the world map of gastronomy, but I’d rather stick to good old well known ingredients prepared in an innovative way (molecular or fusion cuisine etc) rather than start tasting live animals. ;))))




Photos and inspiration from ‘the foodie’ magazine.