Fragole con Cioccolato

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Excuse the Italian , but coming back from a wonderful  trip to Liguria, I just can’t help it. Many kisses to my friends Alessandra, Enrico, Enrica  and Elena who  really  spoiled us!!!!  The passion  Italians have for good ingredients and finding  greatness  in simple tastes  have made me think of this dessert.  It is the perfect closure of a dinner with friends and family, or if you’re lucky , of  an Italian dinner with friends and family.  You can get  the details in the ‘Recipes’ section.  Must not forget  to give special  thanks  to  Joanna & Panagiotis  for  lending me their DSLR camera for this slideshow. It has been an absolute joy to shoot pictures with this camera, whereas  shooting all the other photos on this blog with my humble  Point & Shoot  camera, is always quite a challenge!


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