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Everyone is busy arranging  Christmas Eve dinner parties, buying presents or , like me,  trying to find the perfect dress to  wear on New Year’s Eve!  If  all  that  fuss wasn’t enough, traffic is hectic  these days and I can not seem to find any shop in which I do not have to sit in line for the cashiers, even expensive shops!  It seems that at least for a couple of days people forgot the financial crisis.

As for my ‘Christmas Crafts Time’, I have a kitchen/cookiehouse factory  which  is running  like a well oiled machine producing hundreds (and this is a fact) hundreds of gingerbread houses and a garage/workshop full  of  items  which are made for friends and all  the  charity  work  I am  involved in . I like to think of my  kitchen and garage  like  Santa’s workshop. After all  whatever comes out of there is  for  giving  joy  and  hopefully putting a smile on the face of  my  loved ones.

As for work, let’s not go there, because I am running like crazy , sorry not crazy , BALLISTIC is  the  right word and I wish that everyday had a couple of extra hours for me!

Still.  Weird word, I have to find out what it means one day 😉 , so not standing still but really still, I wanted to find a few minutes   to  write  this  post!!!!! In  fact  right now  I  am  hiding  behind my flat  screen , writing my happy thoughts on  my  blog  whereas I should be writing e-mails and ‘binding’ offers.

-Too bad  for  my  employer!!!!!!!!!!-

Being ‘naughty’ this time of year is dangerous  but I ‘ll  take  my  chances.  And as one of my friends says : ‘When I ‘m good, I’m  gooood! But when I’m bad, I’m  better!!!!!!!!’ , so its kinda of ok to be naughty!

Talking about naughty , do you remember Elf on the Shelf ? Well he’s back !  I grabbed  above  photos  from  the  web  (pinterest.com and more interesting sites) and  since I  find  this  elf  super super super super super super super super super super super super super super super, ok you got the picture SUPER CUTE  , I  will manage  to  get my hands on one of those stuffed little fellows  and then I  will  start  taking  my own shots ! But for now I am  borrowing other people’s photos.

I  hope  you  all  have  a  great  time! Merry  Christmas!!!!!!!!



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