Terribly late & Blushing !

It’s Friday. It’s February. And I ‘m terribly late!

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Today was a good day, a long one, but good. It’s almost 22:00 o’clock and I am still in the office. The radio has started playing love songs, soooo!  it’s late. Nevertheless  today is the first day of  February and I am terribly late in posting my 2012 cookiehouses. Being late is not my thing, therefore I choose to stay and compile this slideshow  instead of rushing out of the office. I  hope you will  find  some of the pictures inspiring for your 2013 cookiehouses. I am really proud of my new ‘Tiny Cookiehouses in a Jar’ which, may I say, were a hit and through which we managed to collect a quite respectable amount of money for charity. In fact, my clients -little people- liked them so much, that I was asked to organize a workshop and teach -little- and -not-so-little- people how to make them.  Even hearing the word workshop made me blush (yes, I tend to blush!) and I am pretty sure I will be embarassed in front of ‘my students’ , but I hope that we will all end up covered in icing and one can not feel very awkward when covered in icing! Stay tuned for  photos on the how-to, templates etc .




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