H evtvxia einai poniri!

‘H evtvxia vlepeis einai poniri, kryvetai sta pio apithana meri. Ekei pou den ‘koitaei’ kaneis. Ekei pou den to perimeneis. Xwris na xreiazetai tipote akrivo i gyalismeno.’

‘Happiness can be tricky,it hides in the most unlikely places. Where no one is ‘looking’. Where it is least expected. It does not need anything fancy or polished.’

These are my words and this is probably why I believe that a person can find happiness when he/she is served a heart cooked meal from his/her loved one. Simple everyday actions that are caring and small yet grandiose in their essence. So, let us not pay so much attention in buying expensive ingredients, trying to impress, but rather put our heart in preparing even the humblest produce and then for sure we will be making someone happy!

Efita 😋


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