Somewhere between a slice of bread and asparagus


I am on a trip abroad, one can find me somewhere between A Slice of Toast Bread, which if it is any good, ought to have 10.000 cells at least!, try remembering that next time you’re in the grocery store 😉
and Asparagus, because it’s asparagus season out here and everyone is so happy about it. I even had a four course dinner and all four dishes included ASPARAGUS.

I had them boiled, baked, grilled and sauteed! I am not really an asparagus person, I mean: ‘Do I look like an Asparagus person?’ No no no no, definitely no! But, they where good. Honestly , if you can find fresh & quite tender asparagus you should give them a try. When they are in season they have a very subtle flavour and they can accompany anything from chicken to fish or even served as a main dish cooked with herbs. Trust me, if they are fresh, then their taste will not let you down.

Unfortunately I have no food photos because I am not really fond of taking photos while in a restaurant. I limit my minor photography skills only for dishes that I have prepared, but since the restaurant was inside the premises of a golf course, I have included photos of the beautiful landscape.

P.S. I also included a ‘selfie’ in the slideshow! It’s kind of silly but I really liked the way I made up my cotton jacket this evening!


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