Art de la Table

Candlelight, the sound of jazz playing in the background, familiar voices, laughter, the smell of homecooked meal,

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As much as I enjoy returning home after a hard day to find my quite refuge, there are days that I enjoy just as much having friends over for dinner. In fact I enjoy it a lot and it kind of takes the stress and tiredness away. The last year or so, was a challenging one for me, affecting many aspects of my life and I did not get to organize any dinners, but now I’M BACK on track!!!!!

So tonight I used various candles and small pots filled with greens which I collected from my garden and made a centerpiece.

I hope you will all be enjoying summer evenings with friends by hosting relaxed, colourful, vibrant dinners filled with mouthwatering tastes. May this be a summer to remember! 🍸🎷

Efita 😎


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