How many flowers fit in a Smart car ?

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One of the things I enjoy making is flower arrangements and sometimes I get a bit carried away when I have many flowers to choose from. The photo depicting my car’s interior is proof of that. If possible I would like to own a flower shop just to be surrounded by them every day. You got it, this girl’s weak point is flowers, but keep it a secret because if somebody wishes ‘to get to me’ then flowers is the way to go ;).
So, today I made a little bouquet of red Rose buds which look great in an old silver plated vessel. Then I used 3 pink Hydrangeas, mixed with dark green leaves, tied together into a firm bunch and placed in a ball shaped (what usually is referred to as gold fish bowl) vase. Finally, I used various seasonal greens which I found at the flowers market and had them mixed with branches taken from my cherry tree. To add a touch of colour I used white Shamrock Crysanthemums (these are wider than the usual Β ones and have a spike-like form).

Remember, even simple greens and flowers can look like professionaly made bouquets if you tie them firmly and use a nice urn or vase to display them.

Efita 🌻


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