A coffee post ☕️


I have been avoiding the Nespresso madness for far too long. So long, I don’t even remember why I disliked it so much in the first place.

Was it the fact that I would have to settle for an odd looking pod, instead of my precious Blue Mountain coffee beans? Or  that I could not possibly accept the fact that a tiny little coffee maker which had no setting of  bar pressure nor a setting for the grinding could ever produce a decent shot of esspresso? Or was it just George Clooney?????

Well probably all of the above had made me stick to my good old noisy coffee machine that automatically ground my precious coffee beans and produced a good cup of coffee. But this is not the case any more.

Last month I was in Berlin and was lucky enough to stay at the Waldorf Astoria, which by the way is a wonderful hotel! Words can not describe!!!! It is when you go to places like this that you feel blessed and gratefull for being able to have had that experience………….

Back to the coffee post……

Well, in my room there was this little tiny fella ‘the smallest Nespresso machine’ along with various colourfull pods. So, as a known ‘need to try everything person’, I made myself an espresso using the light blue pod. Well that was a revelation! I could and still can not believe how, such a silly looking device, can produce such a good result. You should have seen the look on my face! I was like: whaaaaaaat???????

So it is time to revise and make a statement!

I am about to buy a Nespresso machine because it is low maintenance, trouble free anddddd I can have a different coffee flavour every time 😉

Next time you’re close to a Nespresso shop, get in and give it a try. It is absolutely worth it!

P.S. And for those of you who usually do some market research before buying a machine, my advise is: Do not fall for the Keurig machine and pods. It’s like comparing Microsoft to Apple. Stick with Apple ;))))



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