Ants for Dinner ?

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Did you know ants is the new foies gras? Nordic Food Lab is a laboratory that closely cooperates with the world famous Noma restaurant in a quest to find new edible species! Some of them include termites, ants, honey ants,grasshoppers, insects and more. Through these ‘new’ ingredients, foods are invented and the term ‘gourmet’ takes up a whole new meaning. In reality most people find it difficult to taste insects or ants, but when these ingredients are treated in the hands of very skilled chefs then they become a delight. So for example honey ants might be the new foies gras, because according to Josh Evans, who is a researcher in the lab, they taste amazing. They are filled with a sweet substance (as their name implies) and the way to eat them is by sucking the ‘honey’ right from their belly while they are alive!!!!!!! This perhaps can be described as the ultimate gastronomic experience, but taste is a very subjective thing and I am not sure everyone would agree on that. So for now I am thrilled to read about all the evolutions in the world map of gastronomy, but I’d rather stick to good old well known ingredients prepared in an innovative way (molecular or fusion cuisine etc) rather than start tasting live animals. ;))))




Photos and inspiration from ‘the foodie’ magazine.


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