Cronut! The New York Madness


The new ‘New York Madness’ is a new product called Cronut. Resembling something between a croissant and a donut. Layers of puff pastry and donut dough cut in a ring shape, filled with cream and finally glazed. Sounds good doesn’t it ?  The ‘little creatures’ are produced daily by Dominique Ansel in his Bakery on 189 Spring St, NY., who invented this hybrid dessert in 2013. Every month he produces one flavour, so for example in May one can taste Rose-Vanilla and in June Lemon-Maple. For the colder months like December it’s a chocolate season, so the flavour is Valrhona Dark Chocolate Rasberry (with a splash of Chambord, a rasberry liquer).

Since production is limited  and by means of marketing secrets (such as allowing each buyer to get a max of 2 pcs each) demand is sky high, the Cronut is a product everybody wishes to try! It has been discussed from food critics, reviewers and bloggers all over the world as the most innovative new taste which everyone would like to get their hands.

A trip to New York always sounds appealing to everyone but if you are foodie, then  visiting  Ansel’s Bakery is another reason to go!

Meet you there… ;))))   ?????

Or… order online :






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