Magazines for Foodies


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Lucky Peach – Fricote – Fool – Gastronomica – Meatpaper – The Runcible Spoon

Forget everything you know about food magazines. These new publications make Epicurious, Gourmet and Saveur look like they belong in the past century. This is the new generation of Food Mags with pictures that might not always be appealing to the eye but they are sure to draw your attention and interest.

The philosophy of the food editors up until a few years ago was to take polished pictures of ingredients and foods that would appear like they are painted rather than depictions of reality. In fact my personal experience in all the photo shootings for books and magazines, is that the food styling and positioning of the foods was more important than the taste. In most cases, foods were undercooked in order to achieve a blond/slightly brunette appearance of crust. So the photo was always perfect but the food nevere tasted as good as it appeared.

In a sense this is a mind game, as in real life, as in relationships. We see something that appears beautiful and we let our minds take us in swirling roads where we imagine that this person is as beautiful on the inside as he/she is on the outside. But this is not always the case. In fact I believe that people who have flaws are much better persons than those who are refined and shinny! This is also what I prefer in foods. I enjoy a crust that is not blond, but rather dark brown and maybe with a few burns here and there. After all, it is the burns that give the taste.

The taste is in the flaws…



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