An excellent post from an excellent food blogger!

It is not often that one sees articulate, carefully designed and perfectly executed recipes especially recipes which are hard to come by. I am talking about the ‘Bacon Weave Chocolate Caramel Cupcakes with Bacon Compote’ made by Connie from ‘CHOCOLATE + CONNIE’. This is an amazing lady that has certainly more patient than an average human! […]

Quinoa my way…

Quinoa has become very popular in recent years. The high protein content and the benefits associated with its’ consumption, have made it a healthy alternative to weekdays meals. This is a simple but very tasty way of preparing quinoa. Ingredients 200gr white quinoa, 500ml chicken stock (or vegetable stock), sea salt flakes. Procedure Rinse the quinoa […]

Magazines for Foodies

               Lucky Peach – Fricote – Fool – Gastronomica – Meatpaper – The Runcible Spoon Forget everything you know about food magazines. These new publications make Epicurious, Gourmet and Saveur look like they belong in the past century. This is the new generation of Food Mags with pictures that might not always be appealing to the […]

Cronut! The New York Madness

The new ‘New York Madness’ is a new product called Cronut. Resembling something between a croissant and a donut. Layers of puff pastry and donut dough cut in a ring shape, filled with cream and finally glazed. Sounds good doesn’t it ?  The ‘little creatures’ are produced daily by Dominique Ansel in his Bakery on 189 […]

Ants for Dinner ?

Did you know ants is the new foies gras? Nordic Food Lab is a laboratory that closely cooperates with the world famous Noma restaurant in a quest to find new edible species! Some of them include termites, ants, honey ants,grasshoppers, insects and more. Through these ‘new’ ingredients, foods are invented and the term ‘gourmet’ takes up […]


How could I forget? May 19th marked the 3rd year anniversary for my blog. My very own, little blog! But ok, there are many nice reasons why I forgot… So hurray for one more year!   Efita…