Whether I’m enjoying a relaxed meal at the ‘Burger Joint’ in New York or a sophisticated dinner at ‘Spagos’ in Beverly Hills, I appreciate them just as much and find them equally important and worth reviewing. With that being said, please do not be taken aback by the versatily of my choices.


Cinco, Berlin

Chef Paco Perez and his team will give you an experience to remember.

Restaurant Cinco is located inside the newly opened Das Stue Hotel. Arriving in that design hotel alone is the beginning of your experience. Nestled in the heart of the Berlin Zoo it resembles a mansion rather than a hotel and that is definitely the case since it was the residence of the Danish embassador before it was converted. Walking past the entrance and the remains of a crocodile which is displayed as if you were in London’s Natural History Museum, you will be guided through corridors and hallways to the Michelin starred restaurant. If you are lucky enough, you will be seated at the chef’s table ๐Ÿ˜‰ and then the culinary experience begins!

A series of dishes (25 in total) paying tribute to Meditteranean Fusion Cuisine, will be served to you if you choose the Signature Menu. Although it is quite pricy on it’s own I think it is absolutely worth it to get the ‘Pairing Wine Menu’ as well. This means that by the end of the night you will be left with more than 10 glasses of wine on your table, for each person! Some of the wines are very old and there is a choice of whites and reds. I am not very good with wines but everything I tasted was exquisite.

Apart from the food and wine which will intrigue you, there is a detail worth mentioning for this ‘culinary experience’. All the dishes are served in fine porcelain plates designed by the chef himself and produced in a little village in Spain. This is why the different ‘perfect bites’ appear so ‘comfortably seated in the plates’ ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think that this adds a little extra something to the presenation.

Now that a few days have passed and I think back to the day when I visited this restaurant, I realise that it will be something which I will remember for a lifetime. And it is not the food or the wines or the plates, nor the fact that I could see everything being prepared right in front of my eyes, but all these put together like elements of an opera with the composer having taken care of every detail, every note, as if he knew that he had to please all the senses.

Chef Paco Perez, ย  I bow.


Costes, Paris

An incredible environment along with exquisite tastes. Oysters & Champagne are the first things I will ask you to try in this place! An unforgettable experience.


Sketch, Mayfair, London

Definitely the best Afternoon Tea served in London! At least for this month because London is a place where things change quickly.

Sketch is located on 9 Conduit Street,ย which opened in 2003. The Head Chef ย is Pierre Gagnaire who owns a three Michelin starred restaurant in Paris and obviously knows a thing or two about fine dining. We tried everything that was on the three tiered stands and were absolutely satisfied by the balance between savoury and sweet bite size portions.

A real crowd pleaser for all ages ๐Ÿ˜‰


Hakkasan, Mayfair, London

The time has come for me to write my first restaurant review and I am really excited! Hakkasan is a restaurant worth discussing and certainly worth reviewing. I had heard people talk about it but hadn’t paid much attention because it seemed to me it was just another firework that would be forgotten within a year or so. On the contrary though, the Hakkasan trend became stronger and there are already 8 restaurants worldwide. So when the opportunity arose , I accepted an invitation of going to this much discussed restaurant.

As I went pass the Westbury Hotel and continued towards Bruton Street there was no sign of a restaurant and I wondered whether I had missed it or if I had misunderstood the directions I was given, but as I approached Nr 17 I managed to see a very discreet door (which one had to be very careful not to miss!) which led the way towards the restaurant. And then the experience began.

Walking through the corridor and being escorted to the reserved table, I realised I was going to be seated in the lower ground and not the ground floor. The first thought that crossed my mind was : ‘Why downstairs?’ but the minute I stepped foot on the water filled staircase, I stopped thinking of that and started wandering: ‘How do they do this? How did they make the stairs look like you step into a pool?’ . Then I sat at the table and realised that the room had an almost mystical feeling to it. I can not really explain it. Perhaps the dimmed lighting or the oriental screens or the dark oak latticing. Even if I can’t put it into words, there is definitely a strong feeling which overwhelms you when you step into the room.

Now what can one say about the food? It is not just food. It is a series of beautifully presented mouthwatering tastes. And we need to stress out the ‘presented’ part because it plays a key role to the Hakkasan experience. A detail which plays a very important role and which one can say combines the aura of the room with the exquisite food, is the ‘silent’ service. The presence of the waiters (merely what one could call them) is subtle, leaving room for everything else to be more intense.

I have said too much without saying anything about the food itself though.

Many images go around in my head, new tastes, loud tastes, whole new taste buds that had never been explored, I really can’t describe it.

Bottom line : you HAVE to go!


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